Monday, October 27, 2008

its my first party!

it was around the same time few years back when i was excited like never before, not because it was Diwali. Diwali for the past 7 years had been just-another-day fair. nothing could beat the Diwali i used to celebrate in Jamshedpur. the buzz, the festive air, the loud-speakers, the sweets, the cloths ... nothing like it.n 1 fine Diwali we realized that it was only we four(mom dad bro n me)who would burst crackers and eat mithais all by ourselves.

so it was not the Diwali that excited me, it was somethiing else. i was going to a disc for the 1st time. i had been to one before but had to leave soon coz it was empty so landed up in a pub with no dhinchaak music n no dance. but, this was special... i had made one fulltoo excuse(btw i am good at it ;) )at home n planned a night at sparx at savera with my friend..

so if i remember right it was a sarturday night and i had started my preparations well in advance.. commaon yaar, that was my first clubbing experience n i din wanna make a fool of myself by looking all behenji. i had to look sexy, i had to make heads turn n i had ti put up the best of me.

so it started from the cloths. now i din know where i could find good party cloths. i searched every nook n corner of Spencer plaza but couldnt find nething of my choice, even westside n pantaloons didnt charm my taste. then with my friend landed in a shop close to spencers( i forget the name). there they had a real hot top in white but i looked fat in it, especially my arms so chucked it.. then we went to destination 3 in egomre called the city square. since i remembered them having some real trendy party cloths we landed there n FINALLY got hold of some hot tops. so after trying a couple of them i bought a brown halt neck, i guess i looked hot in it!

the next was sandals. now since i was in egmore i thought alsa mall could be the best for foot-wear. i heard that sandals r cheap there. a cute black n white sandals cought my eye, it went well with what i had bought but the cost was high. i did not have that much to spend so i decided to chuck it. but bless the soul shafeeq who offered to gift me those. i was embarrased, i didnt wanna accept but he insisted and finally i had them for me..yeyy.

now the beauty parlor was the next halt.. so there i got my eye-brows done and i was all set for the party!!

but the drama begins from now....

i had never worn such cloths infront of my parents n m sure they would have never let me step out if i wore it in front of them.. so i wore my yellow jacket on top of the halt n made sure that mom din find out.

since it was the 1st time i was going outside so late (it was around 9 pm) my dad offered to drop me down where the cab(wink wink) came. i had asked my friend to wait for mr two buildings away. now that was alarming... i din utter a a word, as soon as he gave me call that he has reached, i flew out(literally)i din bother to turn back n look at my dad i jus flew(uff...close)..
now i have to tell u this.. this friend of mine is not my boyfriend. i never had a crush on him.. so the efforts were not to impress him but to assure myself that i was not the odd-one out(i am still single ;) )

i asked him to stop at ispahani where i could strip(my jacket). as soon as i eneterde the ispahani loo, to my surprise there were 2 more girls stripping.. haha.. so i was not the only 1. quite unlike me i felt comfortable in the halt-neck. i felt like i was jus ment to wear them.. honestly!

after the entire drama i was at sparks. i ordered for screwdriver(coz that was the only drink i knew then). i was surprised with nothing, the disc was just like i had imagined. i was lookin rad i knew that but after a point of time i didnt bother coz nobody else was, they were all lost in their own fantasies.
i was dancing on the floor. i love dancing.. i love losing myself to music n i jus enjoyed every minute of it on the floor, the house music played did the toppings. i was having a good time but finally my friend insisted to leave coz it was already 1-30, its then when i realized i was dancing for 3 hours without a break. as i left i promised myself that i would do this much often..

today when i hit a disc trust me its my t-shirt n jeans n slipons that i am most comfotable in.. i have equal fun n i still feel charged n as hot as others around


BloggerMouth said...

That was an interesting read :P Keep rollin' :) And yes I agree... Jeans FTW!

Swaminathan said...

1st clubbing experience is always interesting i guess...

Keep clubbing..


Lancelot said...

he he he ask any1 out there everyone will have a similar story...its the same like the first kiss episode.. :P