Thursday, December 4, 2008

From page3 to page1 through terrorism

A lot has been written and talked about the recent Mumbai terror attack. Its over a week and all the news channels are still raging with it, this time the involvement celebrities in the protest is an element of surprise.

This is not the first time that the country or Mumbai for that matter has seen something like this. it has been happening from years now, time and again.

Media has named it the biggest terrorist attack in the country but i disagree. No, I don't decline the fact that what MumbaI faced on 26.11.2008 was horrid but remember That Kahmir has been facing for Decades now, there is a terror attack almost every other day, its just that we are used to it.

Till date, it was the common man who was affected because of it. The man who travels in local train, the man who lives for his family and has accepted his fate in the big world owned by big people.

"spirit of Mumbai" came for them, be it the 93 blasts or the blasts in the local train. News channels showed the buzz on the streets and gave it in the name of the spirit of the Mumbaikars.. and the celebrities in the less-meant-glamdol bytes chanted them up gracefully, until they were hit

Now there is a rage and campaigns just because its they who were hit this time. did they care about questioning the system during Ahmadabad blasts? or the several blasts in Kashmir??

Believe it or not Celebrities do make news.. infact only they can make news.. because this time it was their community which was targeted...

Nevertheless.. Its good to see, with so much of protest around that politicians no more can fool us as this incident has stirred every Indians emotion. Its good in a way that their creditability is questioned by the mass at such a large scale.

i wish that if the same reaction of this magnitude was see during the serial blasts around the country. its better late than never, we just have to wait and watch

Monday, October 27, 2008

its my first party!

it was around the same time few years back when i was excited like never before, not because it was Diwali. Diwali for the past 7 years had been just-another-day fair. nothing could beat the Diwali i used to celebrate in Jamshedpur. the buzz, the festive air, the loud-speakers, the sweets, the cloths ... nothing like it.n 1 fine Diwali we realized that it was only we four(mom dad bro n me)who would burst crackers and eat mithais all by ourselves.

so it was not the Diwali that excited me, it was somethiing else. i was going to a disc for the 1st time. i had been to one before but had to leave soon coz it was empty so landed up in a pub with no dhinchaak music n no dance. but, this was special... i had made one fulltoo excuse(btw i am good at it ;) )at home n planned a night at sparx at savera with my friend..

so if i remember right it was a sarturday night and i had started my preparations well in advance.. commaon yaar, that was my first clubbing experience n i din wanna make a fool of myself by looking all behenji. i had to look sexy, i had to make heads turn n i had ti put up the best of me.

so it started from the cloths. now i din know where i could find good party cloths. i searched every nook n corner of Spencer plaza but couldnt find nething of my choice, even westside n pantaloons didnt charm my taste. then with my friend landed in a shop close to spencers( i forget the name). there they had a real hot top in white but i looked fat in it, especially my arms so chucked it.. then we went to destination 3 in egomre called the city square. since i remembered them having some real trendy party cloths we landed there n FINALLY got hold of some hot tops. so after trying a couple of them i bought a brown halt neck, i guess i looked hot in it!

the next was sandals. now since i was in egmore i thought alsa mall could be the best for foot-wear. i heard that sandals r cheap there. a cute black n white sandals cought my eye, it went well with what i had bought but the cost was high. i did not have that much to spend so i decided to chuck it. but bless the soul shafeeq who offered to gift me those. i was embarrased, i didnt wanna accept but he insisted and finally i had them for me..yeyy.

now the beauty parlor was the next halt.. so there i got my eye-brows done and i was all set for the party!!

but the drama begins from now....

i had never worn such cloths infront of my parents n m sure they would have never let me step out if i wore it in front of them.. so i wore my yellow jacket on top of the halt n made sure that mom din find out.

since it was the 1st time i was going outside so late (it was around 9 pm) my dad offered to drop me down where the cab(wink wink) came. i had asked my friend to wait for mr two buildings away. now that was alarming... i din utter a a word, as soon as he gave me call that he has reached, i flew out(literally)i din bother to turn back n look at my dad i jus flew(uff...close)..
now i have to tell u this.. this friend of mine is not my boyfriend. i never had a crush on him.. so the efforts were not to impress him but to assure myself that i was not the odd-one out(i am still single ;) )

i asked him to stop at ispahani where i could strip(my jacket). as soon as i eneterde the ispahani loo, to my surprise there were 2 more girls stripping.. haha.. so i was not the only 1. quite unlike me i felt comfortable in the halt-neck. i felt like i was jus ment to wear them.. honestly!

after the entire drama i was at sparks. i ordered for screwdriver(coz that was the only drink i knew then). i was surprised with nothing, the disc was just like i had imagined. i was lookin rad i knew that but after a point of time i didnt bother coz nobody else was, they were all lost in their own fantasies.
i was dancing on the floor. i love dancing.. i love losing myself to music n i jus enjoyed every minute of it on the floor, the house music played did the toppings. i was having a good time but finally my friend insisted to leave coz it was already 1-30, its then when i realized i was dancing for 3 hours without a break. as i left i promised myself that i would do this much often..

today when i hit a disc trust me its my t-shirt n jeans n slipons that i am most comfotable in.. i have equal fun n i still feel charged n as hot as others around

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ego vs. Alter

That’s my ever green problem; this is a fight with me for me, against me. Oh no no.. I am not a self obsessed bitch. Read further to get my pont



After all she is the one who introduced you to journalism. She has got the best teacher award and more than that she is a senior citizen with 25 years of experience

She likes you, trusts you. she is different from others, don’t be mean yaar!

U HAD great times together

She must be talented else she wouldn’t hav been recruited there?

U were her fan

She thinks u are talented

Ya dude, she is a senior citizen, then why the fuck shes not retiring. teacher…Balls!!! When u ask the best teacher a doubt she jus says “u should find yourself maaaa, u should do research and not ask me questions maaa”

“after 25 yrs of experience she says “ the certificates shouldn’t have have the logos of the sponsors”, I guessin her 25 years of experience tought her that sponsors means charity haa.. I guess the amount of shit she talks, ma’am needs a psychiatrist maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bachaoooo!!!!!!!!

Ya man taken, but how the hell on earth she finds men to make out with.. how ? how? How? I wanna know. Either they are blind or they are desperate, there could be no another reason.

Btw she was my main source of inspiration in the previous blog..

Yeaa, we had.. so??? Man.. she walking is a sight to watch n she thinks she is HAWT. Madam rejected offer from Guardian, Washington Post, BBC n likewise (dude.. do u think we all r fools to believe that n u actually believe that we believe what u say..LMAO). She too needs treatment for her attention- seeking-no-matter-what- self-obsession disease.

What does she think she is 16????? Or she is so confident about her figure or she thinks her paunch looks hot. I almost go colour blind when I see her, my pupil starts contracting I m thinking bout wearin my shades when I see her time

Or may be she attends weddings everyday, that’s y always dressed jhammal

I watch her everywhere else other than her workplace n she passes comment on ppl’s work. The best part is her super-irritating squeky eeennnhheeeee n she thinks it its hot !!!

I wish I could introduce Russell Peters to her(god!!....listen!!)

Once upon a time I was a fan of her WORK n may b even today! In person she is an irritating, ill-mannered, pompous, hypocrite, squeaky, not-worth-respecting-person (I again say she is good at her work). I wish I could tape her mouth and break her legs then may b I will start respecting you like before!


She once said “ I want u girls to respect me”

N we were like – “woman! U wish!!!!” people command respect not demand

Gyan guru 1

This post is for my dear friend who has been trying hard to get hold of some chic( for romancing, flirting and further purposes) whom he insists should be hawt. He has literally given every one a shot (including me…thanks m a bitch!!!!).

Like many desperates (oops! Did I say that?!?!?!) He sent friend request to many chicson orkut and undoubtedly got rejected. DUH!!!!!

So buddy, this is for u and others like u…….

So next time u see an interesting face on orkut please for God sake, no “ can we make fraandhip with u”, “ur profile looks interesting can we be friends” bla blab la …

Its suchha piss off

Not that gals are like complete NO NO to ppl on net. Its just that too many creeps around so they just selective.

All good plans need some research. When u find a profile interesting, do some research, read her scraps, check her photos and if the are not accessable then check her communities take clues about where she studies and what she does n all that. Even not much info there, check her friend list take-in clues from there.

Now when u leave a scrap or a msg after having done the research(ahhmmmm) make it look like that u don’t want to do that but u do that coz its kinda important or genuine…. Like “hi XYX, I saw u r in the HGJ bank Company. I apologize, I have been trying to track my frnd who works in ur org n m unable to. Since u work….bllaaaa”.


I have seen u perform at the BLAAA culturals and trust me u were good (girls loovvee compliments)


Hi whoever,

I work here, I am doing this n was wondering if u can help me do that….

Now gals may understand that this might b a gimic but pls make it look like real and atleast u can ACT genuine. Don’t use language like plllllllleaaassee, babes, beautiful or lolllllllll,catttttttt, doggggggg et all. If she doesn’t reply, wait.. don’t scrap again check her profile once..

If she does, be in ur character and do not jump the gum by asking personal info initially. Take time baby, after all flirting is a serious business.

Now depends on ur luck if it works else the girl is smart.. so next…

Pass on the gyaan and get back if it works

P.S: Don’t even think, I have written it dude!!!!!


Ok… I already have a blog which I created almost a year back with zero posts. In the process I have conveniently forgotten the password and even the address for that matter. This is my second attempt to re-start my blog after much inspiration from my classmates who have amazing blogs.

The first post on my long lost blog was on boredom, now boredom is an old story (thanks to ergoJ).

So here we go… I wish myself luck and hope that I am able to fight my disease of getting bored-off quiet soon, be it anything.

My one-liners

(caution: if u get offended when your mom serves food to ur dog before you, please don’t read it)

I am the goddess of crime; goodness is just a pass-time

One day you laugh on yourself for the those moments when once you HAD cried for

Don't give me shit, i don't take it

Men are meant to be treated like dogs, the day you treat them human they dance on your head

Disclaimer: all men activist group, this was my alter ego instinct (so no defamation charges)


-Written at the spur of the moment

-I love all my guy-friends and this said to all self-obsessed, wannabe’s