Monday, October 20, 2008

Ego vs. Alter

That’s my ever green problem; this is a fight with me for me, against me. Oh no no.. I am not a self obsessed bitch. Read further to get my pont



After all she is the one who introduced you to journalism. She has got the best teacher award and more than that she is a senior citizen with 25 years of experience

She likes you, trusts you. she is different from others, don’t be mean yaar!

U HAD great times together

She must be talented else she wouldn’t hav been recruited there?

U were her fan

She thinks u are talented

Ya dude, she is a senior citizen, then why the fuck shes not retiring. teacher…Balls!!! When u ask the best teacher a doubt she jus says “u should find yourself maaaa, u should do research and not ask me questions maaa”

“after 25 yrs of experience she says “ the certificates shouldn’t have have the logos of the sponsors”, I guessin her 25 years of experience tought her that sponsors means charity haa.. I guess the amount of shit she talks, ma’am needs a psychiatrist maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bachaoooo!!!!!!!!

Ya man taken, but how the hell on earth she finds men to make out with.. how ? how? How? I wanna know. Either they are blind or they are desperate, there could be no another reason.

Btw she was my main source of inspiration in the previous blog..

Yeaa, we had.. so??? Man.. she walking is a sight to watch n she thinks she is HAWT. Madam rejected offer from Guardian, Washington Post, BBC n likewise (dude.. do u think we all r fools to believe that n u actually believe that we believe what u say..LMAO). She too needs treatment for her attention- seeking-no-matter-what- self-obsession disease.

What does she think she is 16????? Or she is so confident about her figure or she thinks her paunch looks hot. I almost go colour blind when I see her, my pupil starts contracting I m thinking bout wearin my shades when I see her time

Or may be she attends weddings everyday, that’s y always dressed jhammal

I watch her everywhere else other than her workplace n she passes comment on ppl’s work. The best part is her super-irritating squeky eeennnhheeeee n she thinks it its hot !!!

I wish I could introduce Russell Peters to her(god!!....listen!!)

Once upon a time I was a fan of her WORK n may b even today! In person she is an irritating, ill-mannered, pompous, hypocrite, squeaky, not-worth-respecting-person (I again say she is good at her work). I wish I could tape her mouth and break her legs then may b I will start respecting you like before!


She once said “ I want u girls to respect me”

N we were like – “woman! U wish!!!!” people command respect not demand


A mazed Mind Speaks said...

hey gal gud beginning:) welcome to d world of blogging:) luved ur alter ego tin fittin reply to u kno whom especially d 3 rd nd 4 th person:) *wink* *wink*

blahh said...

ur frst ever post on te blog..dedicated to *** much importance fr her n all eh....chi chi :P

Thoorika said...

You know wat all the 3rd journalism girls blog have in common!!!! Atleast one post dedicated to bitching about lord you know who!! lolz!!! Nice post and great start.. looking towards more posts from you!!! But not abt her.. Getting sick of it.. :)

PS : I blogrolled you!!!! So you better keep updating ur blog :P

nan said...

lol!!!great post!loved the russel peters bit!!!

Vaporizing Phantasm said...

mmmmm....deep.....only point being....i got a few in koschin there one dedicated to me in that????????

AMIT said...

It is very interestin the way u hv showered ur love n affection to ur proffessor:).. like the way u present ur thougts.... keep it up...

PARI Asthana said...

Hey gal.. Good job. Nice style of presenting it... I was lughing to the core... keep writing stuffs which make ppl laugh... :)

VIDYA said...

Nice post! i guess i do know some of the people uve written abt and those i dont i can guess :D lol