Monday, October 20, 2008

Gyan guru 1

This post is for my dear friend who has been trying hard to get hold of some chic( for romancing, flirting and further purposes) whom he insists should be hawt. He has literally given every one a shot (including me…thanks m a bitch!!!!).

Like many desperates (oops! Did I say that?!?!?!) He sent friend request to many chicson orkut and undoubtedly got rejected. DUH!!!!!

So buddy, this is for u and others like u…….

So next time u see an interesting face on orkut please for God sake, no “ can we make fraandhip with u”, “ur profile looks interesting can we be friends” bla blab la …

Its suchha piss off

Not that gals are like complete NO NO to ppl on net. Its just that too many creeps around so they just selective.

All good plans need some research. When u find a profile interesting, do some research, read her scraps, check her photos and if the are not accessable then check her communities take clues about where she studies and what she does n all that. Even not much info there, check her friend list take-in clues from there.

Now when u leave a scrap or a msg after having done the research(ahhmmmm) make it look like that u don’t want to do that but u do that coz its kinda important or genuine…. Like “hi XYX, I saw u r in the HGJ bank Company. I apologize, I have been trying to track my frnd who works in ur org n m unable to. Since u work….bllaaaa”.


I have seen u perform at the BLAAA culturals and trust me u were good (girls loovvee compliments)


Hi whoever,

I work here, I am doing this n was wondering if u can help me do that….

Now gals may understand that this might b a gimic but pls make it look like real and atleast u can ACT genuine. Don’t use language like plllllllleaaassee, babes, beautiful or lolllllllll,catttttttt, doggggggg et all. If she doesn’t reply, wait.. don’t scrap again check her profile once..

If she does, be in ur character and do not jump the gum by asking personal info initially. Take time baby, after all flirting is a serious business.

Now depends on ur luck if it works else the girl is smart.. so next…

Pass on the gyaan and get back if it works

P.S: Don’t even think, I have written it dude!!!!!


FancyLancey said...

THANK YOU! Lets hope scraps will get at least a little more interesting from now.

FancyLancey said...
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Arjun Ravichandran said...

hey, cant really identify with the content, but like your style.. keep it up..

vipasha said...

@ arjun

thanks :), i hope u meant that

roshan said...

your brain is so screwed. i like tat. the same ol wicked vips.

PARI Asthana said...

Nice... Very different .. Out of the box thinking...

Romanov said...

hehe....nice post