Saturday, July 4, 2009

why o why - II

Not replying to msgs is not an act of busy-ness but boredom. Why? Here comes the answer

Random: Hi Wazzzaaaaaa
Me: Nothing much, So sup?
Random: Nm... so what u doing these days?
Me: Nothing much
Random: Oh same here too, so hows life
Me: Nothing much... usuals
No better than having such text chats its better to stare at the fan and count the number of rotations, its so much better

Oh Btw.. most of these randoms are the people whom i don't know, to be clear, i would have known them but don't know who they are exactly. In short i dint have their numbers stored.

So one sunday the Devil in me woke up and showed me a way to kill boredom. and i deciese to begin 'empty the wallet' plan
A msg from unknown number

98449....: Hey Wasupppppp
me : nm
98449...: lets meet up?
Me: ok.. where?
98449...where ever u want
Me: What about 10 D
98449...: What is 10 D
Me: 10 Downing street
98449...: Ha Ha Ha.. i know u r VIP-asha but u r not VIP
Me: why only VIP go to 10D.. i have been their so many times
98449...: Ha Ha Ha.. don't kindle, seriously tell where u want to go
Me: Its only and only 10 D
98449...: ok you book tickets
Me: Entry is free
98449...: i never u knew you have contacts
Me: Everybody goes there.. its open even in day time and you can have delicious buffet with beer
98449...: Haha you are so funny
Me: whats so funny?
98449...: check ur mail;

Mail: I am so lucky to have our date here

Reply: sorry to disappoint you but the date is off coz me n Gordon Brown are on a break



Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for writing abt me, and it's a nice read !

Thoorika said...

Vipasha!!!!! Don u feel like shouting out LOUD cos of boredom?! or oly I feel like tat?!

Şuρēŗmųr™ said...

You really seem to be bored outta your skull. But for some god forsaken reason, random blogs make such a fancy read.