Thursday, December 4, 2008

From page3 to page1 through terrorism

A lot has been written and talked about the recent Mumbai terror attack. Its over a week and all the news channels are still raging with it, this time the involvement celebrities in the protest is an element of surprise.

This is not the first time that the country or Mumbai for that matter has seen something like this. it has been happening from years now, time and again.

Media has named it the biggest terrorist attack in the country but i disagree. No, I don't decline the fact that what MumbaI faced on 26.11.2008 was horrid but remember That Kahmir has been facing for Decades now, there is a terror attack almost every other day, its just that we are used to it.

Till date, it was the common man who was affected because of it. The man who travels in local train, the man who lives for his family and has accepted his fate in the big world owned by big people.

"spirit of Mumbai" came for them, be it the 93 blasts or the blasts in the local train. News channels showed the buzz on the streets and gave it in the name of the spirit of the Mumbaikars.. and the celebrities in the less-meant-glamdol bytes chanted them up gracefully, until they were hit

Now there is a rage and campaigns just because its they who were hit this time. did they care about questioning the system during Ahmadabad blasts? or the several blasts in Kashmir??

Believe it or not Celebrities do make news.. infact only they can make news.. because this time it was their community which was targeted...

Nevertheless.. Its good to see, with so much of protest around that politicians no more can fool us as this incident has stirred every Indians emotion. Its good in a way that their creditability is questioned by the mass at such a large scale.

i wish that if the same reaction of this magnitude was see during the serial blasts around the country. its better late than never, we just have to wait and watch


Elithraniel Arawion said...

WOWWW... VIPSHA STRIKES AGAIN! :) nice post kiddo... super analysis.. mayb ur nt such a kiddo after all ;)

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Very true!!

harsha said...

Well the mother of all brutality happened during partition. People call it “The Day India Burned”.

This brutality of man to man was brought up on us by our own leaders, so is every other disaster.

The headline “The war on terror” appeared after 9/11 disaster. Which was a false flag operation, as we know. The day when American politicians killed their own people to raise their defense spending to $100 billion. Similar thing is happening here. We see the same lines repeated over and over hypnotically in our MEDIA (Which has lost its credibility way back). Brain washing the viewers but not making them think further.

I don’t see any reason why US was involved in our investigation even after knowing US is a great ally of Pakistan. The terrorist came to India straight from Karachi which usual terrorist’s don’t do (my first suspicion). The way the investigation was carried out does ridicule me. I smell United States all over this issue.

vipasha said...

well said..
i feel the indian politicians are playing the key cards.. after this, have u hear ne thing bout the Hindu terrorism