Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why so favourite child!

Well I am back to my Meany mood today.. so much so that i dont care.. so here are few ideas(which can also be genuine) to gain few brownie points from the cookiman( the spell error is intentional)

1. Personal diary on sale(rather blog, sms etc) - Oh so i was walking and i hit my little finger on stone.. i lifted the stone n threw it on a fence, fence turned elastic n it bounced backed n lined straight to the retina of my ledt eye.. but i was wearing a lens .. sense was made of iron n so bla... (oh something similar i read in some reveries of a cockroach hunter)

2. the G chat tool: have a status someting like.. my heart bleeds... or love strangles or work is worship or i am high coz my boss thought me to fly or or the basterd stole my bra whatever n invite more questions n enjoi the light of the lime

3. G chat tool 2 : give the link of ur blog which has a pst somehing like.. life away from home in a hostel.. or how you weer reminded of ur lostt dog on a tour to goa coz ur dog was the source of pee sea.. or how sand got to ur noes n u became red nosed n ppl dint understand ur problems.... n then ur wax-boy or even vetti-MD rads it n says aaww.. what a poor girl let me make life easier for the the lil soldier....( n ppl who choose beer over water become uncultured spoiled crows)

4. From G chats to G talk, rather Gtalk via G chat: hmmm so tell them about the cabin no 2s Ramo gave u flowers n u rejected n then the sadu(rotten) team leader(btw whom u g chatting with) makes life hell for poor Ramo who jus tried to be good on 'Worlds Be-good-to-next-cabbin day)....

wondering how to start: here it goes...
U: dont try to spread bad bad rumors about ne
cookiman: what?
U(innocently): sorry it was a wrong msg((well mr victim is playing brian lara cricket but still appears online)
cookiman: tell me what it s.. i am the man with cookies

5. work n work: now this is tricky... so steal ideas from periappa, taataa, thambi akkas n akkis n cal it urs.. simply simple..........

6. Indian heroine style : U cook u broom, u clean kaka shit, u help cats dust their fur, u even help ur neighbor wash her clothes ( even if u dont just say it to the cookiman.. u in for a lot of cookies).. lil soldier becomes super girl

for this i wish i was a lady with a lot of nose aches achne aches kidne aches emotional aches
(cookiman.. the hero of the next post)


Arv said...

and u call this ur meany mood???

h ehee... nice rant :P

have a nice Sunday... cheers...

vipasha said...

Hey Arv.. what makes u doubt that?

Thoorika said... doubt in it.. thts something of rantings.. an output for ur frustrations... anyway cheer up girle.. wassup? hwz u?

vipasha said...

doing good doing good.. sup with ya