Wednesday, April 29, 2009

why o why!

holidays are the worst time of my life. during work days I yearn for it like Rakhi Sawant for publicity. but when the they day 2 of absolutely nothing-doing-day arrives i curse my own yearns..

so to help my helplessness of boredom i decided to for a date. Now this is another tragedy, getting dated these days are difficult like never before, its like searching for a virgin in LA. Luckily or unluckily i found this guy who probably who agreed for a dte with me

Not that it was my first date, its just that after a long time someone thought he could handle my love handles(flab.
the venue was perfect. i looked good (Thank heavens loose, hanging clothes r in fashion) and he looked surprisingly smart ( or rather i was men - deprived)

I: Hey lovely place

He: Yea i have been here a coulpe of times

I: Uh hih...

He: this was Mayas favourite place

I: maya?

He: My ex Girlfiend!

I: Oh !(God, please please please God, this be the end of Maya talk)

He: i took her here 3 years back. she was wearing green i was wearing black. I could see the glimpses of her back kajal. I wished I was that. So i loved her like mad and i would have builts a Taj Mahal in Choolaimaedu coz she was born there. and i would have made my Taj Mahal pink because she wore pink Chaddi eveyday. it made me angry that her jeans wetre low n every1 could see her chaddi. so what chaddi is a chaddi. i too wear chaddi

I(thinking): So i also starte wearing pink chaddi. same chaddi again every day on the 24th meeting i bought another 1....

I to He: so the pink Chaddi campaigners were ur frnd?

He: what???? Aint my love story heart-warming

I: yes Of course!

He: so i was telling that she

I(inturupts): lets order I am hungry

He: Ok sure.. U know what Maya..

I(back to my thinking mode) : Why o Why god! whhyyyyyy.... cant a single, male-deprived, romance-deprived women have the right to go for a date. I my desiers are not quixotic, all i want is a gracious male gender who can talk about me not to me about his ex...

food arrives n that fool still continues to yap... and i eat n he talks.

He doesn't even care that m not listening and gaping at a bulging biceps next table.

By now i had imbibed the Maya Phobia. I would best any Maya under the sun to death. strangle her throat and choke her lungs out of her nose as her mouth will be stuffed with her broken hand.

then came the surprise, that easily rated ill-mannered fool offered to drop.. pa! i still believe that god shows mercy!

thankfully he had a car and the minute i stepped int ot it slpet. dont blame me, i was so fuc**ing bored..

the car stoped, i opened my eyes n guess where i was

Maya's House'


Arv said...


lol... hope this is not true :)

Thoorika said...

Nice imagination vips !! :D

Anonymous said...

imagination ?! (not a real date then)

if i were you though, i'd atleast empty his purse like a normal girl would have her avenge ;))